The book I have recommended the most…

Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari

This is the book I have recommended the most during the last 2 or 3 years.

Now you probably have heard of Sapiens since it has sold more than a million in English only. If you haven’t, please stop watching Kim Kardashian on Instagram and find a copy of this fantastic story. 


Where is my personal library?

I am feeling nostalgic. Last year when I had lunch with Robert Greene, we were talking about internet marketing and he told me the best specialist was his former apprentice, “son élève”, Ryan Holiday.

I have read two of his books and today, I have visited his website.

Ryan Holiday’s personal library

I have been an early adopter of e-books, I have hundreds of them on my Kindle. Electronic format has the huge advantage of transportability. It takes no more room to store hundreds or thousands of books.


Tarot cards as a self-help tool

I believe the first discovery of Tarot cards is through the Major Arcana which can be seen as a series of allegories of the spiritual journey, from Fool to the World…


Beginner’s Guide to Tarot. #tarot

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I am learning the cards one by one and sharing this on my Instagram account. But I have understood recently the value of the Minor Arcana. Each suit represents an aspect of life that we need to look after.


The gears I love

I might not be a real minimalist but I try to go for essential. Essential means choice and quality. I spend my time with these pieces of stuff and even if there is still room for improvement, I now believe it is important to surround ourselves with good quality and design.

My work stuff


Should I blog on Saturday?

I am not Jewish but there are a few people around me who practice what they call Shabbat.

According to the Bible and the tradition, the world has been created in 6 days and on the 7th, the creator decided to rest. By consequence, it probably became one of the 1st social law: weekly day off. I believe before that most people were working 7 days a week.

The traditional Shabbat mixes prayers and family moments. I am not a believer in any religion but I feel this is very wise to stay away from work once a week.


First year at Eddison

Eddison Books has been incorporated in November 2015 and started its operation in December when it bought the assets of Eddison Sadd and sisters companies Connections Publishing, and Book In A Box.

We are finishing the first financial statement and, no big surprise, it was expected…


Do you Facebook

If I seem to have found some answers for my blogging question, I still have some about what I should do on some social media, especially Facebook.

Recently I have realized that I am this platform for almost 10 years, it means I have given a lot of data about my private life to Mark Zuckerberg during this years… Pretty scary, isn’t?

Privacy is one of the biggest problems with social media. The other one is the time consumption.


I’m half way

I’m half way of my 30 days of blogging challenge. I am not happy with everything I have published, but I am happy for having pressed the “publish” button 15 days in a row.

How habits are created

There is a series of chemical processes. It might seem a bit technical but this video can give you some clues (thank you, JXO):