Tarot cards as a self-help tool

I believe the first discovery of Tarot cards is through the Major Arcana which can be seen as a series of allegories of the spiritual journey, from Fool to the World…


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I am learning the cards one by one and sharing this on my Instagram account. But I have understood recently the value of the Minor Arcana. Each suit represents an aspect of life that we need to look after.

The Cups

This represents all the emotional aspects of life, the love, family, friends, etc. No happy life is possible without that and each card of the suit is reminding us of some aspects of it. Should we talk about Emotional Intelligence here?

In playing cards, you find this as the Hearts.

The Pentacles or Coins

This is more on earth aspects of life: Human possession and the body (health). We need to have enough and to remain in good condition.

This suit relates to our possessions and what links us to the physical world. In playing cards, it is the Diamonds.


The creative aspect of life, what we do, what we create, what we make.

In playing cards, it is the Clubs.


Last but not least, swords represent the language and intellectual aspects of life. Many authors and readers seem to see a very negative aspect in this suite.

I do not agree with this vision since language is one important aspect of existence and language is made of words, just like books. It can not be negative 😉

The balance

The importance of this suits is to remind us that every aspect of life has its importance. We must keep in mind these 4 suits as 4 essential aspects of life.