Where is my personal library?

I am feeling nostalgic. Last year when I had lunch with Robert Greene, we were talking about internet marketing and he told me the best specialist was his former apprentice, “son élève”, Ryan Holiday.

I have read two of his books and today, I have visited his website.

Ryan Holiday’s personal library

I have been an early adopter of e-books, I have hundreds of them on my Kindle. Electronic format has the huge advantage of transportability. It takes no more room to store hundreds or thousands of books.

Damascus road

I think I have been touched by some kind of revelation: e-books are wonderful, I have read hundreds of them and I will probably continue… But content is not everything, we are real beings in a real world. We need the words but we also need to touch with our digits…

Reading one of Ryan Holiday’s article made me think of a book I have somewhere in a box, I hope it is not lost. It is a copy of Marcus Aurelius Meditations (Pensées Pour Moi-Même) annotated by my Grand-Dad. Can you imagine anything more precious?

Porn for books lover

When we moved to London, all my books had to go into boxes, most of them still are… Reading Ryan’s blog I understand now that I miss them and my new porn looks like something like this:

Book shelves give a spirit to a house.

And they are full of charm!

(How could you not focus in a room like this?)

There are thousands of image of books on Pinterest. We are definitely not digital, and I now miss my books. I am going to leave my Kindle and my Kindle App at home to go back to real books, even if my luggage is going to be way heavier on my next trip…

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