Primum non nocere

D’abord ne pas nuire.

Une évidence dans le monde médical qui mériterait d’être plus souvent au goût du jour dans celui de l’entreprise.

Trop souvent en croyant aider le manageur casse l’enthousiasme et la motivation.

Toujours tourner sa langue sept fois dans sa bouche.

Ou comme le disait un vieux professeur:

Sit down, shut up, and scratch your head…

Lbf 19

This week is the London Book fair 2019. Like every year, publishers from all around the world come to buy and sell rights, build partnerships, etc.

Stand 2A90

Like last year, Eddison Books stand is on the first floor where our smiling team is ready to show you our new projects.

If you don’t have the opportunity to come, here is our catalogue:

Should I blog again?

It’s been a while (August 2017) since I have done my last blog post.

Social medias like Facebook or Instagram seem to have faded away the self hosted wordpress blogging. It’s probably half truth.

I have always and I am still questioning some aspects of holding a blog. These are unanswered questions:

  • are blogs old fashioned?
    Should I write in French?
    Is my English good enough?
    Is it interesting?
    Is it a waste of time?
    How to manage the risk of disclosing information too early and the boredom of sharing too late?

Personal branding

My personal brand is probably the main reason I am going to keep this blog alive: I need to remember that every new person I meet is going to google my name and is going to try to learn about me before deciding to do business or not with me. That alone is enough to have an updated online presence.

The thing I hate the most

The thing that upsets me the most is when people stop on a moving walkway. It happens every time in airports and I don’t get it: these moving walkways are here to help you to move faster. So why so many people stop on them? Making things easier shouldn’t allow people to stop making any effort.

I have almost the same feeling with escalators but I sometimes feel the need to stop to save my breath.

That’s probably why I love this video from Casey Neistat. I don’t remember how many times I have shared it.


About email Etiquette

Email is the bread and butter of the modern worker and it’s also its plague.

I have mentioned it quite often here because it is very simple to send an email but the problem is on the receiving side.

Think twice before you click « send »

That should be the first rule: before you send, please think! Very often, when we send an email, we get rid of a problem and we send it to someone else. Sending an email is easy, the difficult part is for the one who handles it.


How to choose a book to read: MoSCoW

My Friend Ludovic has told me about this acronym for the first time and I immediately adopted it. This acronym is known for project management or to decide what criteria are important.

MoSCoW stands for features you look for. The 4 letters are M, S, C, and W. they stand for:
– Must have.
– Should have
– Could have
– Won’t have


The Power of Habits

It has taken me a while to start reading this book. I am now fascinated by it.

The habit is deconstructed in 3 steps:
– Clue, a trigger.
– the routine
– the reward.

This might seem abvious and too simple but it is also very powerful. When you understand it, you can modify and transform your habits in the way you think you should.


Visiting book stores

One thing I like to do during my holidays is taking time to visit book stores. Having time to ramble around is one great pleasure.

Of course I look at all the book but I keep taking pleasure to see our titles. Every year I see more of them. Last week I have taken a few pictures. 


Sometimes it’s hard

It’s hard to keep the rythm, especially during the holiday break. I have been taken my family from Dieppe to La Rochelle.

Yesterday in Dieppe I have had a special though for the Canadian sacrifice in 1942 when and allied operation failed.

When can I find time to write?