The gears I love

I might not be a real minimalist but I try to go for essential. Essential means choice and quality. I spend my time with these pieces of stuff and even if there is still room for improvement, I now believe it is important to surround ourselves with good quality and design.

My work stuff

  • An iPhone 7 plus. I have tried to switch to Android a few time before but I came back, mostly for the camera. There are also for some apps that I missed too much. I really see it as my Swiss Army knife, you can do everything you want with this: read, write, communicate… Why do we still call this a phone?
  • A notebook. Leuchtturm 1917 A5 is my favourite at the moment but I easily change to Moleskine which is almost equivalent.
  • A space pen. This is a nice little object that fits in the pocket and is which is very reliable. I always carry one with me.
  • Of course, I need a computer. I am a Mac user but it it is now more a question of habits than conviction. Today the system is not important since I spend most of my time inside Chrome and Evernote. My main computer is a MacBook Pro 13″ that I bought in 2016.
  • Headphones. I use a pair of Airpods that proves Apple is still capable of good design and a for travelling an incredible Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Headphones.
  • A series of cables, chargers. I try to stick to simplest possible.
  • For the bag, I still struggle to decide and I am versatile between backpacks and messenger bags.

Dress code

Even if I am under-dressed sometimes, I never wear the suits I buy and I almost always wear:

  • A 501 blue. I haven’t changed since my school days.
  • A classic shirt or a Lacoste polo shirt.
  • A pair of sneakers (shame on me).
  • a jacket when it is not too hot.

As you can guess, I am not a real fashion victim… But I am trying to get better.

Travel gears

When I travel, I try to be as lean as possible since I do not want to carry unnecessary stuff.

  • For quick trips, I use my day pack in which I add an Eagle Creek half cube, big enough for one change.
  • For longer trips, I pack everything in Eagle Creek Cube and everything fit inside a Samsonite Cabin Luggage. Since this suitcase is getting old, I am looking for a replacement, and I hesitate: should I go for 2 or 4 wheels?

The 4 wheels seem to be very weak. It seems to be more convenient but fragile.