I’m a procrastinator

Hi, my name is Stéphane Leduc and I’m a procrastinator.

I am not the only one, we all are, were and will always be procrastinators. I’ve learned to say that from Strategic Coach founder, Dan Sullivan.

Moving this blog to another server

Yesterday I was in a long conversation with GoDaddy support team, talking about FTP, PHP, etc.

Of course, this is not an easy task and I am quite proud of the accomplishment. But is it where I create value?

There was one email in my inbox, and this email was like a big rock I couldn’t move. A message where my answer was needed but not straightforward. So I did procrastinate and got busy doing something complicated but not important. A way to stay away from the rock.

When I have a big rock in my inbox, I can’t stop turning around it. Instead of facing and destroy it, until I get it off…

The value of procrastination

We’ve learned from our early age that procrastination was bad, shameful. Procrastination is often seen as a weakness, a lack of courage and willpower.

It may be but I’m not ashamed.

Having difficulty handling a problem has to be taken seriously. Why does it happen? I often find the solution afterwards when I discover there is a problem with the decision on which I have difficulties to take action.

I have experienced it too many times to avoid this reality. When there is an obstacle, there is a way for a better understanding.

Procrastination as a tool

No doubt procrastination is a bad thing when you don’t meet your deadlines, it keeps you away from delivering.

My job is to take decisions, and procrastination can be seen as a tool to detect if there is any disharmony or problems.

Now I have understood that I really like it when I procrastinate. But I try not to do it for too long: if I can’t act on something, there is a reason and I need to get that.