We are recruiting (again)

Having a team is not always easy and sometimes people that you appreciate decide to leave, to go for a new life, under some other sky… This is perfectly normal.

As announced on Eddison Books web site, we are opening a position as Rights Executive to replace Melissa who decided to change. If you are a junior interested in a career in international publishing, this can be an opportunity.

What is it about

Eddison Books’ publishing activities in the UK represented only 10% of the sales in 2016. All the rest is done in international markets with two activities:


We sell translation rights to international publishers from the lists: Leduc.s Editions,  Eddison Books, Editions Charleston, L’Inédite


New Mood Cards just arrived in Czech, Latvian, German and English

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For packs and illustrated books, we do more than selling rights. Printing 4 or 5 different editions allow creating economies of scale as on the example above with these four printing combined.

Speaking French

The parent company is French and has grown to become a mid-sized publisher in France. Of course, even if we are a UK business operating in English 80% of the time, with more than 300 titles published by Leduc each year, there are plenty of opportunities to build partnerships with book publishers all around the world. But to see the opportunities, we need someone who can read the books in French.


I have recently discovered sites like Giphy and the fact that it is very easy to find thousands of GIF images (who called me a noob?).

I probably use them too often at the moment in my emails but finding them is funnier than emoticons. And it is an interesting way to communicate emotions.





Bye bye: