The thing I hate the most

The thing that upsets me the most is when people stop on a moving walkway. It happens every time in airports and I don’t get it: these moving walkways are here to help you to move faster. So why so many people stop on them? Making things easier shouldn’t allow people to stop making any effort.

I have almost the same feeling with escalators but I sometimes feel the need to stop to save my breath.

That’s probably why I love this video from Casey Neistat. I don’t remember how many times I have shared it.

But I also hate it (same thing?) when:
– people believe they know the truth. We should never stop questioning
– people feel their rights are for granted just because they are in for a while. Or because they have stayed at school for a long time.
– when I am considered and treated as a user instead of a client.
– when people consider a diploma is more important than being competent.

But I love it when people put in a little effort to make a difference. This little plus we add when we take time to look at things twice and decide that there is room for something more.

<=> (less is more)

Something more or something less because often, and more often, the little plus means to remove something that is unnecessary or annoying. It is often true in writing when some words could be removed or a sentence simplified.


We are not on earth to stay on the side of a moving walkway. We are here to fight and find our way.

Of course I understand that people can stop for a good reason (bad balance or heavy luggage). But if you do so, please keep on the side.

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