E-books, the end of a future?

It is always difficult to know the truth since the main seller of e-books is a company well known for not telling everything.

I was reading earlier today that US e-book sales have dropped in 2016. Apparently, it is the same thing on every mature market. Sales of E-readers seem to follow the same path and people use their phone as the main reader.

For France, Spain, etc. who have started later, there is still growth, the question is for how long. We are experimenting the same in Paris, especially since we are using immateriel as our platform. Our sales have dramatically increased but we don’t know for how long.

The end?

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Hildegard of Bingen

There are many reasons to have heard of Hildegard of Bingen. She is known as a saint, a music composer and a healer.

Even if they are very different, it can be tempting to compare Hildegard to Leonardo da Vinci (to read more about this, a blog post by art-brouillon.)

Universal Man and Vitruvian Man

Woman from the Middle Ages, Hildegard has written some of the most important books from the period.

Hildegard Mystic

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Preparing For Frankfurt

For book packagers and publisher the most important moments in the year are international book fairs where we meet our client publishers. For us it is the London Book Fair in spring but the main one is Frankfurt Buch Messe which is mid October.

For children book publishing there is also Bologna and other book fairs are minor and of local interest.

Preparing Frankfurt

The countdown is on and we had today a very important meeting in Paris to select which titles from Leduc.s Editions and all our imprints (Leduc, Alisio, L’Inedite, Charleston, Diva) should be selected for the rights catalogue.

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Let’s have ideas!

That’s a big take away from James Astushler’s book I have just read from amazon prime.

Why ideas are so important

I have no clue (joking).

We live in a limited world and creativity is probably the best way to push the boundaries away and to find new paths. 

The more you live on your good ideas, the more you free yourself.

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What i think about self-publishing

I think it’s great, really!

Of course, for like every publisher on the planet, I feel it as a threat to our existence: self-publish means publishing without a publisher.

Are we going to continue to live if the world doesn’t need us?

Why I think it is great

In the past, when you wanted to put something into writing, you had to go to a printer or a publisher and ask him if he would agree to invest time and money to print it and make it available to the public.

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Roaring Forties

That’s it. Every year in Livres Hebdo I look at where we are in the Classement and in 2016, we have reached another level. According to this magazine, Leduc.s editions, the French publishing company I co-founded with my father in 2002 is now in the top 40 of French publishing groups.

The sales in France only has reached a level of Euro 7,49 Million in 2016. It represents a growth of 23% compared to 2015… And it doesn’t include Eddison Books sales since the financial statements were not done at that time. Continue reading “Roaring Forties”

How to find the perfect work-life balance


I have discovered advanced productivity systems with some of the books we have published. Some are still very popular like Getting Things Done by David Allen.

I learned a lot from it, but it failed with me for one reason: it depends on where you are, but after a certain level of activity, you do not improve by doing more but by accepting to do less. I needed something else.

Dan Sullivan presents a system in which entrepreneurs should share their time between 3 kinds of days:
– Free days in which you stay out of any job-related task. The goal is to rejuvenate and have good time for yourself and family
– Focus days to focus on what brings revenue.
– Buffer days for maintenance, training, teamwork, organisation and preparation.

The idea behind this system is to get a good balance between strategic projects, maintenance tasks and personal life.

I see it as something appealing but I have always found it difficult to put it into practice because I need more flexibility and I find it very hard to do only one type of activity on a given day.

Deep Work

There are too many distractions around us, emails and social media are constantly trying to get our attention.

David Hieatt (co-founder of The Do Lectures and Hiut Denim Co) explains that he is incredibly productive by doing a simple thing: turning offline (no wifi on his computer) 3 hours a day. The rest of the time, he takes care of his team and makes coffee.

This is the legend, but I believe it can make a huge difference to unplug and focus on a big project instead of responding emails all day.

no mail today

That is probably wisdom and I am going to try to improve my system by spearing my days between:
– focus time between 7.00 and 11.00 where I only want to work on my priorities
– buffer time between 11.00 and 15.00 where I communicate, meet, learn, take care of finance, etc.
– free time between 15.00 and 19.00. I take time for me, my family and my kids who need to see me before going to bed at 18.30

I am going to try this in the near future, and try (really try hard) not to look at my emails on the morning

I will keep you posted but would be happy to hear from you if you use similar tactics.