Should I blog again?

It’s been a while (August 2017) since I have done my last blog post.

Social medias like Facebook or Instagram seem to have faded away the self hosted wordpress blogging. It’s probably half truth.

I have always and I am still questioning some aspects of holding a blog. These are unanswered questions:

  • are blogs old fashioned?
    Should I write in French?
    Is my English good enough?
    Is it interesting?
    Is it a waste of time?
    How to manage the risk of disclosing information too early and the boredom of sharing too late?

Personal branding

My personal brand is probably the main reason I am going to keep this blog alive: I need to remember that every new person I meet is going to google my name and is going to try to learn about me before deciding to do business or not with me. That alone is enough to have an updated online presence.