Done is better than perfect

My 30 days blogging in English challenge is now completed. Since 18th July, I have published 30 posts on this blog…

Even if I have been in a hurry some evenings, I am quite proud and I think I am going to celebrate tonight 🙂

Veuve Clicquot Rosé

Perfection is the enemy of action

Writing in English is still quite a challenge for me and I hope my typos, misspellings and weird sentences have not hurt too much your eyes. I dare to do that because I believe it is the best way to make progress.

For the moment, this blog has still almost no reader but I don’t care, I am sure this will improve. My blogging goals are not to get traffic but to try to tell interesting stories. For that reason, I am going to focus on one metric: Bounce rate which is around 75% at the moment. That is the one I want to improve.

For those who don’t know, bounce rate is measuring the readers who only visit one page and go. We can imagine that it means 75% of the internet users who get on one of the pages close the window straight away. They are not interested…

Let’s go to 100

Now it’s time to envision the next steps.

Even though I have mentioned a challenge, I really enjoyed the experience. Having to find ideas for a story every day, write a draft of 300 words and then edit, then press the publish button is quite enjoyable.

I have been journaling for a while but this is different. A journal is not intended to be read, this is different.

There is still room for improvements. Some ideas:

  • Extend this challenge to 100 blog posts
  • Hire someone to copy edit after I publish.
  • Vlog
  • Write stories for Eddison books
  • Build a newsletter

And you, any suggestion?