The law of diminishing return

As a publisher, I often read books that are not in my lists, I love to collect them and if a book is good it brings me joy, whoever is the publisher.

Yesterday I have started to read The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F**k and it gave me the idea to visit the authors’ blog.

The Religion of Hustle

A lot of the people I admire achieved because they have pushed themselves beyond the limits.

Like Casey Neistat who explains life in less than 30 seconds.

Like Elon Musk who explains why entrepreneurs need to work 100 hours a week!!!

The Diminishing Return

I remember when we started the publishing company. At one moment I think I was working all my waking hours. Our offices were on the ground floor and our flat upstairs. I remember Tatiana used to call me for dinner knocking the floor with a broom.

Leduc.s beginning

Was it useful and necessary? Probably but I was exhausted and probably not good at everything. I was lousy at most of the tasks but someone had to do everything and I had no money to hire a team at the moment.

The Bathroom Window

This may seem anecdotic but a few years before we had bought a small house in Montreuil-sous-Bois.

We were young and it was our first investment. We had a few money to refurbish it.

The bathroom window was broken and we had to change it. I decided to do it myself and I ordered a beautiful oak-double-glazed-window at Lapeyre.

The operation took me a whole day: going to the shop and pick-up the window, remove the old one, have a friend for lunch to help me to put the new window and hold it while I make the plaster…

At the end of the day, I was pretty proud of myself. But it ended when I met a neighbour who told me:

You made me smile: as you know I have a refurbishment business. And for example, when I make a quote, I count 30 minutes for a window removal.

Of course, I was humiliated. But I learned something, even if I can do a lot of things by myself, it is often better if I don’t do everything.

Sometimes it is time to stop

If you haven’t read Mark Manson’s post it’s here. And you, do you know when to stop?