Do you Facebook

If I seem to have found some answers for my blogging question, I still have some about what I should do on some social media, especially Facebook.

Recently I have realized that I am this platform for almost 10 years, it means I have given a lot of data about my private life to Mark Zuckerberg during this years… Pretty scary, isn’t?

Privacy is one of the biggest problems with social media. The other one is the time consumption.


We are constantly feeding Facebook with our data, photos, choices, localisation, preferences, readings, friend lists, etc. I hope we all have understood that this these information are going to be kept forever!

We do not control who has access to it and even if you are very careful and refuse to give anything. Even if you have always refused to open an account, Facebook had built your social graph with all the people (your friends) who have been looking for you.

Over the last 10 years, I have added and accepted more than 600 friends, some I do not remember and some have changed their name because they wanted to avoid to appear in a search under their name ( a wise idea I believe). I do not know who is reading my updates, I hope they don’t have any bad intentions.


This is probably the worst. It is very hard to resist the temptation to open a new tab in my browser to see if someone has liked or commented the last post. I believe it is more addictive than nicotine… As for cigarette, it is difficult to control yourself and to stop but doable. You can use willpower but it is exhausting.

There are many softwares around who propose to block non-work related websites at certain times of the day to help you to avoid distraction. I know some friends who have voluntarily installed them on their own computers to help them to keep focused.

I have tried one of them a few years ago, it has not worked for me since I always find a way to bypass the software and if I couldn’t that would have let me frustrated and unfocused. My strategy is to think of all the fantastic books I will never have time to read in my life. When I do that, lots of things are less interesting.

This is not something I recommend since I have never tested it.

What it is good at

As mentioned earlier, this is the best way invented to keep in touch with people ( at least the one who post regularly).

But it is also something very useful for brands. We still have to work on it but I already quite like Eddison Books page (please come and visit.)

There are others for our French imprint. And we already have noted that it is a very powerful tool.

And of course, there is also my personal facebook. You should be able to interact with it if you comment below.