Hildegard of Bingen

There are many reasons to have heard of Hildegard of Bingen. She is known as a saint, a music composer and a healer.

Even if they are very different, it can be tempting to compare Hildegard to Leonardo da Vinci (to read more about this, a blog post by art-brouillon.)

Universal Man and Vitruvian Man

Woman from the Middle Ages, Hildegard has written some of the most important books from the period.

Hildegard Mystic

She recently has been recognized as a saint by Catholic Church. Why recently? She is know has a saint for centuries. I can’t explain.

Das Weltall. Manuscript illumination from Scivias (Know the Ways) by Hildegard of Bingen (Disibodenberg: 1151)

The musician and composer

If you think music from one thousand years ago is not listenable, just try hers:

When I work, I sometimes put some ambiant music. I like jazz but I discovered that Hildegard’s music is very good for concentration.

The healer

That is probably where she is the most known now. Her understanding of the plants, healing stones and other natural remedies is still studied today. But it might be her holistic approach that made her “the mother” of natural medecine.

Her books are still in use today, her knowledge is still taught 1000 years after. In Paris, we have published Les Secrets de bien-être d’Hildegarde de Bingen based on her principles. And we are preparing other projects, I will keep you posted.




PS: I can’t read medieval latin neither old german but I find fascinating the illuminated manuscripts. And I love the fact that all this is so easy with Google to see them.