Let’s have ideas!

That’s a big take away from James Atuchler’s book I have just read from amazon prime.

Why ideas are so important

I have no clue (joking).

We live in a limited world and creativity is probably the best way to push the boundaries away and to find new paths.

The more you live on your good ideas, the more you free yourself.

Where ideas are

Ideas have an advantage over petroleum, you don’t have to dig holes to find them, ideas are in the air.

All you need to do is to take a butterfly net and begin to catch them, lots of them. Then you collect them and make lists of ideas.

The more you collect, the more you find.

Ideas are free in a world that is not. You can’t protect an idea but you can share it or take other ideas.

Multiply the rabbits

Of course you find ideas everywhere but there is even another way to have new ideas by taking old one and let them have sex together. They will multiply like rabbits.

New ideas made from old ones are often the most interesting.

when I was a kid, I remember having read from Arthur Koestler that creativity is when you combine things from different fields.

That’s probably why it is important to be open minded, to keep eyes open and to look at things on different perspectives. Keep in mind that interesting things come from different points of view.

Where to start

You have to be nimble because there is good and bad ideas. But first collect and list ideas. The more you do that, the more you train your brain to see things differently and to come up with new things.

When you have tons of ideas there is one thing left to do: putting them into application… that leads to procrastination but it’s a different story.