Roaring Forties

That’s it. Every year in Livres Hebdo I look at where we are in the Classement and in 2016, we have reached another level. According to this magazine, Leduc.s editions, the French publishing company I co-founded with my father in 2002 is now in the top 40 of French publishing groups.

The sales in France only has reached a level of Euro 7,49 Million in 2016. It represents a growth of 23% compared to 2015… And it doesn’t include Eddison Books sales since the financial statements were not done at that time.

Livres Hebdo 2016

10 years ago I was amazed to enter this top 200 and it is always exciting to look at our position every year.
It is true that it is getting easier and we also want to stay in this top 20:

The top growth

(Everybody seems to believe that book publishing is a difficult market. It is indeed but there is still a lot of opportunities.)

Size is not everything

I agree with you (if it is what you think). But we are still investing to grow and we should reach the 10 million in sales this year (and more if we include the subsidiary company Eddison Books limited).

I can’t explain why I feel that growth is important. I might agree with Google co-founder:

Publishing good books is the goal

Let’s say it makes some things easier but not everything.

The real goal is not into selling more books because it doesn’t make any sense. The real objective is to contribute to a planet that read more and more.

That is probably why I am jealous of Amazon who is able to count the readings on his Kindle. We, the traditional publishers only know how many books we sell, but how interesting it would be to know how many times they are read…