My blogging goals

It took me some time to decide, and I have often balanced between writing in French or English.

I finally made up my mind: most of my French contacts can read English, and almost none of the English speaking world can understand French. This choice makes sense.

Blogging goals

Every blogger has different goals and reasons for this activity. Some want to develop an audience to build a business. I don’t. I already sell millions of book through Leducs.s editions and Eddison Books. The efforts on this blog aren’t going to make a visible difference on the sales.

My main goal in these writings is to clarify my thoughts and to improve my communication skills in English.

How do I measure?

English is my second language, and I followed the same path as almost everyone. It started at school where I learned some grammar and vocabulary, learned to speak during linguistic summer stays, but it was really basic.

My curiosity was probably the reason to improve. As I wanted to read things that haven’t been published in French, I had to read them in English, and it helped me to develop my understanding in English.

Moving to London was a big step ahead, and even if am still not 100% fluent, I like the challenge in it and the idea of becoming better every day since I have the feeling that using more than one language adds perspective and colours to my thoughts.

Help wanted (and welcome)

This blog and my everyday activities are helping me to improve but to go further; I need the help of some tools like my dictionaries and Grammarly.

Before moving to London, I have taken some very useful lessons with Metropolitan, but I feel now that I need some help to reach another level. Accent softening (or reduction) with or could be a good idea.

But the best progress would come for you dear benevolent reader. If you see anything wrong in my writings, I will welcome any suggestion. Please don’t hesitate to comment or send me a message.

All the best,