I changed my mind again

Should I publish in French or in English?

I was not sure until this morning when I heard my son Henri speaking. He can understand some French but he is definitely British… if I want to communicate with him, it will have to be in English I’m afraid.

Publishers at Eddison Books

We are starting over the publishing business, books and packs for September have started to arrive. Of course, there are some difficulties and even some issues but I am really proud to show you some of the co-editions we have started to build.

The model speaks by itself: it gets really exciting when you print for more than 3 languages.

Here are some examples:
– Alexander Technique and Thai Massages in October
– Mood Cards, three languages have come with us on this reprint. French and … are also available
– How to Breathe in September
– Chakra Workbook
– Wild Magic only in English for the moment publications in September in the UK and October for the USA

30 days challenge

Now it is clear, I am going to document my entrepreneurial journey and I am going to start with a 30 days challenge of blogging or vlogging. Starting from now and during the next 30 days, I am going to publish a daily blog post of 300 words in English and share it with the world.

It means that I have decided to commit to posting every day on this platform. As I want to document the rebuilt of this imprint, it means I will try to be, I am not going to ask Tessa to edit before I post. And because I am French, be ready for some misspelling and some weird sentences. I will do my best to edit and edit again and if you see my mistakes, please be kind to forgive and indicate me the most obvious one. It will help me to improve over the time.