How to choose a book to read: MoSCoW

My Friend Ludovic has told me about this acronym for the first time and I immediately adopted it. This acronym is known for project management or to decide what criteria are important.

MoSCoW stands for features you look for. The 4 letters are M, S, C, and W. they stand for:
– Must have.
– Should have
– Could have
– Won’t have

For example it can be very useful to decide what are the criteria for a new home. It could be something like: Must have 3 bedroom, should be in the neighbourhood of a good school, could have a garage and won’t have a jacuzzi. Of course my example is fictional and needs to be refined.

It can also work when you need to list the criteria for a new tool, a new car, a new employee, etc. .

Would it work for books

I have also done a MoSCoW to choose the next book I want to read:
– Must have practical aspects in a field in which I want to make progress.
– Should have been recommended in another book I have appreciated.
– Could be fictional if it is very well written.
– Won’t be too theoretical or academic.

Of course that list can change over time but it is how I feel I can be more deliberate in my reading habits. It allows me to read recreational books and fiction but I feel I need this kind of filter.

And you, what are your intentions when you pick up a new book?