Preparing For Frankfurt

For book packagers and publisher the most important moments in the year are international book fairs where we meet our client publishers. For us it is the London Book Fair in spring but the main one is Frankfurt Buch Messe which is mid October.

For children book publishing there is also Bologna and other book fairs are minor and of local interest.

Preparing Frankfurt

The countdown is on and we had today a very important meeting in Paris to select which titles from Leduc.s Editions and all our imprints (Leduc, Alisio, L’Inedite, Charleston, Diva) should be selected for the rights catalogue.

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What i think about self-publishing

I think it’s great, really!

Of course, for like every publisher on the planet, I feel it as a threat to our existence: self-publish means publishing without a publisher.

Are we going to continue to live if the world doesn’t need us?

Why I think it is great

In the past, when you wanted to put something into writing, you had to go to a printer or a publisher and ask him if he would agree to invest time and money to print it and make it available to the public.

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La fin de l’édition ?

Le monde du livre est en train de changer, ça ne fait aucun doute. Pour certains, le futur est angoissant et on parle ici ou là de la fin des éditeurs, la fin des libraires, la fin des distributeurs, la fin des imprimeurs, la fin des correcteurs, la fin des attachées de presse, la fin du papier, la fin de la culture, la fin de l'intelligence, la fin des haricots… Je vous propose de regarder cette vidéo (en anglais) qui est une très belle illustration de ce que signifie changer de regard 🙂