Test avec Ulysses

Cela fait un moment que j’entends parler de cette application mais comme je n’avais pas envie de payer un abonnement supplémentaire pour un logiciel d’écriture, je n’en voyais pas l’intérêt.

Puis j’ai compris que Ulysses permettait de publier directement sur WordPress, j’ai été tenté d’essayer. C’est ce que je suis en train de faire.

Je découvre un système pour écrire très complet et élégant. Il n’y a rien de trop, tout se synchronise entre iOS et Mac. C’est léger et simple. Bref je suis séduit.

Facebook as a blogging tool

I just posted something on Facebook, something I drafted on draft and something that I should have posted here first. 

It is all about journaling and subsequently blogging. Here is the post:

I do not know you but I have been a fan of journaling since 2008 when I bought my first #moleskine. Before, I was mainly using blank sheets of paper and of course my PC…
Since, I have used many notebooks and I have also tried so many apps that I can’t remember how many. 
Today, I am using two types of tools:

– my notebook which is not from Moleskine but from a German brand named #Leuchtturm1917. I really like the quality even if I sometimes wonder how and why someone started a notebooks company in Germany during WWI. 

– Apps, I am an Apple user. As my friend Rafael says, I am an happy slave of this technology. I love it because it works. The ubiquity between devices works perfectly well now and I am still fascinated to see how something that I typed on my iPad appears almost instantly on my Mac and my iPhone. 

My favourite tools are:

– Evernote in which I have now too much notes (10,000+). It begins to be messy and I am now calling it « ever forget ». 

– Dayone is a wonderful journaling app. I love the look and feel of it plus the fact that I can keep track of photos, etc.

– Draft is very nice on iOS. I used it to write this. 

– Curio is now one of my favourite tools on Mac. I love it because it is a visual system that goes beyond mindmapping which it does perfectly well

– XMind for advanced maps

I really love the power of the tools but I love the feel of paper, I love pens and stationery and I strongly believe that we are not digital being, we are analogic. I want to quote someone who said, « in a digital world, don’t forget your digits. »