What I discovered with Tarot

When I started with Eddison Books, I had a very little understanding of what is tarot. I probably knew more the playing tarot my grandfather used to play every evening during holidays.

French Tarot playing cards from http://www.wopc.co.uk/france/heron-french-tarot

### The Major Arcana
I remember the first time Nick explained me the journey of the Soul starting with the Fool, innocent mind who walks on the edge of a cliff to the World, it immediately made sense to me.

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I suddenly realised that all the stories you can find on Tarot cards are related to archetypes, allegorical, mythical, etc. It immediately connected to sculptures and paintings I have been admiring for years. These cards are talking a language which is connected to our deepest mind, the world of myths.



Of course, a lot of people try to use tarot cards to predict the future. I personally do not believe any system can tell the future since it has not been written yet.

But as there are strong connections between the symbols in the cards and our subconscious mind, I have discovered that looking at them triggers thoughts, reflections, and other reactions.

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With the 22 cards of the Major Arcana, there is the Minor Arcana composed of 4 suits of 14 cards… It means Tarot decks usually have 78 cards, it is a lot of work to learn all of them and with the complexity of life… I have been told it takes a lifetime to understand them…

As you probably know, the best way to eat an elephant is to do it one bite at a time that’s why I have decided to learn these cards one by one.

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